# Antisocial Labs

A developer lab founded by builders for builders.

Antisocial Labs is a subsidiary of Antisocial Studios.

This is an independent company and is currently comprised of:

  • two project managers
  • over a dozen developers with different skillsets

Antisocial Labs aims to become the hub of development for NEAR Protocol by integrating individual developers on NEAR into one central platform. We anticipate rapid growth in this space and want to do our part in facilitating mass adoption of NEAR. Antisocial Labs will build scalable solutions for managing developers and bringing ease to the current challenges creators face.

# Mission

To bring the visions of creators to life by streamlining access to the best blockchain developers.

To build the core infrastructure required for the success of NEAR Protocol.

# Current Problems

  • Creators are gating their developers and there is a shortage of developers on NEAR.
  • People are being referred to multiple places, outsourcing to large entities not associated with NEAR, not knowing what the capabilities of developers are and having no way to know if these developers are able to fulfil their service level agreement.
  • Several projects are having to delay their progress because their developers are pulled into multiple projects at a time and are unable to meet deadlines.
  • There is no management body that delegates developers duties they are able to accomplish with their skillset and within a set timeframe.

# Our Solutions

We believe that the path to bringing developers to NEAR will be paved by properly incentivizing developers to migrate to NEAR Protocol with competitive wages and ease of access to jobs. We have come up with a three tiered approach to achieve this goal by sourcing the best talent, offering the best rates, and providing the highest calibre work.

  1. We want to incentivize Web2 developers by partnering with CryptoCode (showcode.io) to offer coding challenges that will unlock professional opportunities for developers on NEAR. Our challenges will be difficult but will set the standard for developers working at Antisocial Labs.
  2. We will provide competitive wages for developers depending on their experience, the time required for the project, and the level of difficulty.
  3. By streamlining service requests into one platform, we will be able to assign projects the relevant teams they need in order to complete their tasks. The ability to complete a task will be assessed by our project managers and lead developers. Working in tandem with one another, they will be able to plan and oversee the development of various projects and ensure the appropriate resources are allocated to each and every endeavour.

# Services

  • Development Work
  • Blockchain Development
  • Smart Contract
  • Tokenization
  • DeFi
  • NFT
  • Blockchain consulting
  • Dedicated CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  • dApps
  • In-House Developers
  • Product development

# Auditing

  • Consultation
  • Smart Contract Audits

# Hiring

  • Developer technical interviews
  • Technical co-founder background checks and screening

# Dev Tool Kit

  • Creating pre-made assets for developers to access in order to improve efficiency (smart contract samples, mint launch templates, indexing tools... etc)