# Sub Account Creator

Published 2022-09-26

You can use this tool to create a sub-account under your NEAR account. Such as nft-vault.aslabs.testnet under aslabs.testnet. This is a great way to organise various NEAR accounts, and a good practice to use a sub-account for things like cold storage for tokens as an example. That way you can store most of your funds in an account that is not the one you log in to various dApps.

You need to login with a full-access key to use this tool, as that is required to perform the sub-account creation action.

You must pass some amount of NEAR to the sub-account to pay for storage costs. The recommended amount is 0.1N. Otherwise it may fail.

Generating a sub account can take up to a minute. Once generated, it will import the account directly into your NEAR wallet. It doesn't by default generate a passphrase. If you want to share your account, use the QR code generated by the wallet.

Use it here: